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retail industry

Since the inception of Omega Risk Solutions in 2003 one of the strategic objectives was to become a leader in the Retail Industry. As part of our vision to engage with Blue Chip Companies Omega carefully selected potential clients and then focused on them to gain access to the industry.

Omega’s success in retail and mall security can be attributed to its ability to adapt its integrated security approach to specifically accommodate the unique challenges faced by the industry. We believe that there are a wide range of risk elements that security practitioners need to plan for to manage security in the Retail Industry, because retailers look to the private security industry to help to safeguard both their own and their customers’ interests.

south africa

The Bridge at Greenacres

On 1 October 2004 Omega started its first retail contract and is still rendering the service after 19 successful years. Experience and lessons learned from The Bridge laid the foundation for the expansion of the Coastal Retail Business.

Sunridge Village Shopping Centre

The next longstanding contract was signed in 2008 when Omega started its service at the Sunridge Shopping Village, a quaint little village with a really big selection.

Omega’s security officers blended into this unique concept and to-date are rendering a professional and exceptional service. Although it is a very small this Centre has been serviced for the best part of 14 years and is still ongoing.

BayWest Mall

Having successfully been awarded the security tender for Baywest Mall, on 1 April 2015, Omega embarked on stringent recruitment and a selection process backed by intensive retail mall training.

ORS security staff, manage all contractors and deliveries to the Mall from the allocated tunnel area. For the past 7 years ORS has continued to be the preferred Service Provider for security at Baywest Mall.

Walker Drive Shopping Centre

Following on the success of both The Bridge & Baywest Mall, the retail business further expanded when ORS became Walker Drive Shopping Centre’s preferred Security Services Provider on 1 November 2015.

Mercado Shopping Centre

The latest edition to the Coastal Retail Business was in 2022 with the Mercado Shopping Centre In the popular Summer Strand. Situated close to the Nelson Mandela University, and Summer Strand, this Centre attracts many students and holiday makers. Omega’s security officers are challenged daily with student behavior and we are required to keep a balance between student life and holiday makers expectations of excellent service.

Mowana Properties

Omega Risk Solutions Inland was awarded the contract with Mowana Properties, in November 2017. They were a newly formed property management company registered with the Estates Agencies Affairs Board (EAAB) and operated in the general property market. Included in the services provided by ORS were access control, armed guarding, CCTV monitoring and reception services. The contract ended in June 2022.

Loftus Park Centre

ORS started the Loftus Park Centre contract on the 1th of April 2018. The site provides exceptional challenges in terms of security by bringing a diverse and combined Centre that is situated next to the Loftus Versfeld rugby stadium that combines the best of South Africans interests like rugby, soccer, gym, retail shops, office blocks and a variety of restaurants in the middle of the Centre that forms a piazza where everybody can enjoy the Centre as its motto states “Work, Tackle and Play”. Innovative systems include 24-hour monitored CCTV security as well as state of the art Biometrics system, fire sprinkler system and many more to assist us to make this Park the best landmark in Pretoria.

Centurion Mall

Omega was very proud when we heard about our successful bid for the Centurion Mall. The contract started on 1 April 2019 and became the biggest mall in our Retail Business.

The vision of Redefine on security at Centurion mall was made very clear early in the tender process of the security contract. “Change the perception of security at the Centurion Mall” were the exact words of the national facilities manager. Omega and Redefine Properties found synergy in their approach and concept of operations. This led to the award of the contract to Omega, an award of which we are very proud of.

The security teams were equipped with state-of-the-art communication and guard management systems, as well as integrated information platforms, to ensure the safety of our teams and compliance to our commitment to Centurion Mall, ensuring a safe and secure environment.

Benmore Gardens Mall

The contract started on the 1st of September 2018 and was awarded to Omega for a period of three years. The security officers on site were mainly responsible for visible patrols inside the Centre, monitoring CCTV Cameras and access and egress control.


The contract in the Pretoria- Moot area started in November 2018 and lasted until June 2020.

Boulders Shopping Centre

Boulders Shopping Centre started November 2020, as part of the Redefine Group. The Boulders Shopping Centre is located on Old Pretoria Road in the fast-growing, cosmopolitan Midrand central business district and is the only mall of its kind in the region. The contract was managed until July 2022.


Retail security in Africa is an important market for the Omega Group and most probably the largest market segment in which we operate. It is therefore impossible to mention all clients or write comprehensively about our association with them – suffice it to say that we appreciate all the business, current and present.


OK bazaars

OK, Angola is a popular supermarket chain that operates in Angola, a country located in southwestern Africa. Founded in 2013, the company has quickly grown to become one of the largest retailers in the country, with over 80 stores spread across various cities and towns.

Omega Angola provides retail security services to OK Angola since 2006 and we sincerely hope to continue with this relationship for a long time.


Founded in 2013 by Carla Silva, SUAVE Angola has become a popular choice for fashion enthusiasts, celebrities, and influencers. We commenced services in February 2022 at the outlets in Uige, Cabinda and Soyo.


Shoprite Angola is one of the largest supermarket chains in Angola. Founded in 2003, the company has been operating for over two decades and has established itself as a household name in the country. The supermarket chain operates in various locations throughout Angola and offers a wide range of products, including groceries, electronics, clothing, and household items. It is easy to understand why Omega regards the Shoprite Group as a very important client if the following is considered:

  • We provide retail security services to 25 supermarkets, mini-markets and a USAFE in locations all over the country.
  • Retail security is also provided to two Shoprite Freshmarks.
  • Services are provided to Shoprite Meat Mark at Capalanca (Viana)
  • Retail security is provided at three Shoprite Distribution Centres in Viana.
  • Security services are provided at 14 Shoprite properties.


Shoprite Holdings

Our association with Shoprite in Ghana started in 2011 and we are rendering services to them on eight sites, namely Accra Mall, Spintex Road, Osu, West Hill Mall, Junction Mall, Achimota Mall, Kumasi and Takoradi.

Benmorr Ghana Limited

Benmorr Ghana Limited is a well-known company in Ghana, specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality electrical products. Benmorr has been our client since 2016 at Accra Mall, Osu, West Hill Mall, Achimota Mall, Kumasi, ANC Mall and Palace Mall.

Mr Price

Mr Price is a well-known retail brand that has been making waves in Africa for over three decades. We have been rendering manned guarding services to them since 2014 in Accra Mall, West Hill Mall and Achimota Mall.

The Mall Pharmacy

The Mall Pharmacy became our client in 2022 and we are rendering manned guarding services to them at Accra Mall, West Hill Mall, Junction Mall and ANC Mall.


Shoprite Holdings

As mentioned above, Shoprite Holdings is one of the largest retail companies in Africa – this is also evident when considering our longstanding association with them in Mozambique. We have been rendering services to them since 2011 at 18 sites in places such as Beira, Maputo, Matola, Tete, Chimoio, Nampula and Pemba – to name just a few.


A variety of services such as guarding, alarms and alarm maintenance are rendered to Bulerich – Q Moçambique; Frontier Property Development in Nampula; Matola Mall; ProCongel Produtos Congelados Lda in Maputo; Carnes e Peixes Lda in Maputo; Tio Peixe in Maputo; Zimpeto Propriedade e Investimentos Lda in Maputo; Ferragem Chiveve in Beira; and Farmacia ANAM in Nacala.

Studio 88

Studio 88 is a South African fashion retailer that has expanded its operations to other African countries, including Mozambique. We are rendering services to them in Maputo, Matola and Tete.



It is evident from the above that Shoprite makes out a large part of Omega’s customer base in all its countries of operation (except South Africa). Shoprite Walvis in Walvisbay became our first Shoprite client in May 2011. Since then eight more Shoprite stores (all in Windhoek) were added to Omega’s portfolio.

Clicks Group

Clicks Namibia is a leading health and beauty retailer that operates in Namibia. With over 700 stores across South Africa and several other African countries, Clicks Namibia is one of the most recognizable brands in the region. Omega provides guarding services in 15 Clicks stores in Windhoek, Walvis Bay, Okahandja, Oshakati, Ondangwa, Oshana, Swakopmund, Outapi and Oshikango. At the Wernhill and Oshakati stores Omega also renders CCTV and Alarms services.

Pupkewitz & Sons

Omega provides guarding, loss control, alarms and CCTV monitoring services to 12 stores of Pupkewitz & Sons in Windhoek, Walvis Bay, Eenhana and Ondangwa. Pupkewitz and Sons is a true Namibian success story. The company has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the most respected and successful businesses in the country. Omega is proud to be associated with this iconic Namibian brand.


Omega has been rendering guarding services to three CYMOT stores in Windhoek since 2020. CYMOT Namibia is a leading supplier of automotive, camping, outdoor, and industrial products, as well as a range of workshop equipment and tools.

Mr Price

Omega has been the preferred supplier of guarding services to seven Mr Price stores since 1 June 2021 in Windhoek, Okahandja, Oshakati, Oshikango and Ondangwa.


Game Windhoek became Omega’s client on 1 June 2010. Currently we provide guarding, CCTV and alarms monitoring services to two stores in Windhoek and one in Walvis Bay.

Home Corp

We provide guarding services since 1 Aug 2019 to Home Corp in Windhoek and Walvis Bay.

Other important clients in the Retail and Shopping Malls Industries are Dischem in Windhoek where we have been providing guarding services since 31 Aug 2017, the Dunes Mall in Walvis Bay since 28 Oct 2017, the Grove Mall in Windhoek since 16 Oct 2014, House and Home in Walvis Bay (1 Jul 2022), Luisen Pharmacy since 2014, Mass and Carry in Windhoek since 2013, Waikiki in Windhoek (2022), Waltons in Windhoek (2018) and Wernhill Mall in Windhoek since 2012.

Metro Hyper

Metro Hyper is one of the largest retail chains in Namibia, with a reputation for offering a diverse range of products at competitive prices. In 2022 Omega Security Services started to render guarding services to five Metro Hyper Stores. At the Metro Hyper Head Office in Windhoek, in addition, we also provide loss control, alarms monitoring and CCTV services.


The first Hartlief Store that became our client, was Hartlief in Windhoek (1 Jul 2022) where Omega provides Guarding, Loss Control, CCTV and Alarms services. The services were later extended to Hartlief Bistro & Shop on 1 February 2023.



Shoprite stands out as our biggest client in Nigeria. Shoprite is a well-known retail giant in Nigeria, offering a wide range of products and services to customers across the country. The first Shoprite store in Nigeria opened its doors in 2005, and since then, the brand has expanded to become one of the most popular and successful retailers in the country.

Omega is the preferred service provider for 29 Shoprite stores in Nigeria. Services rendered are loss prevention, retail manned guarding, CCTV, double checking (Receiving of goods checking), and system checkers (in store checks at deli/production areas and movement of stock for production). We provide these services in places such as Lagos, Ibadan, Kanu, Enugu, Kaduna and numerous other places over a wide area.

Faxx Stores and Trading

Established in 2009, Faxx Stores & Trading has grown to become one of the leading retail stores in Nigeria, providing a range of products including clothing, electronics, home appliances, and groceries.

Omega’s started to render services to Faxx Stores and Trading in March 2019. Currently the services are provided at four outlets and consist of Loss prevention, Retail Man-Guarding, CCTV monitoring.

Other Contracts

Omega also provide services to two sites of PIKWIK (Pick n Pay) in Lagos, Vivastar in Abuja, Addas Mall, Prime Pharmacy Supermarket, three Beauty & Fragrance stores in Abuja and Kano, Master Meat, CEC Drugs & More, Gworld Pharmacy & Supermarket, four Mopheth Pharmacy outlets, three Bakan Gizo Pharmacy & Stores in Abuja, Medix Pharmacy, Caregate Pharmaceuticals, Mattoris, 3 Dees Supermarket, The Fat Butcher, Avia Mart, TK Mall and four Colvi Ltd (KODAK) outlets.


Cherries Supermarket group is a retail chain that has established itself as a major player in the Nigerian supermarket industry. Founded in 2003, the group has since expanded to include several branches located in different parts of the country, including Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. Omega provides retail security to 12 Cherries stores in mainly the Abuja region and loss control at the Hypermarket.

Perfect Trust

Omega provides retail security to Perfect Trust, also known as Essenza, a financial services company in Nigeria. Perfect Trust was founded in 2011 and has since established itself as a trusted name in the Nigerian financial sector.

Next Cash and Carry

Another longstanding client is Next Cash & Carry Nigeria. They are a retail chain that provides customers with a wide range of products at affordable prices. We started with the first contract in 2012 in Ajuba, followed by the contract in Port Harcourt in 2018. The services included Loss prevention, Retail Man-Guarding, CCTV monitoring, and double checking.



Shoprite is a leading retailer in Zambia, offering a wide variety of products and services to its customers. As such Shoprite has become a household name in Zambia. The company first entered the Zambian market in 1995, and since then, it has expanded rapidly. Omega is the preferred provider of integrated security solutions to Shoprite in Zambia in 17 sites widely dispersed in Zambia.

Future Venture Limited

Future Venture Limited Zambia (FVLZ) is a dynamic and innovative company in Zambia’s investment landscape. Omega Zambia has been providing security services to their sites in Lusaka. We commenced with the first contract in 2014 and have gradually expanded to the current eight sites.

Choppies Supermarket Group

Choppies Supermarket Group is a well-known retail chain in Zambia that has been providing a wide range of quality products and services to its customers for several years. With its roots in Botswana, the supermarket chain has expanded to several countries in Southern Africa, including Zambia. In Zambia, Choppies operates stores in various locations, including Lusaka, Kitwe, Ndola, Kabwe, and Livingstone.

Omega is the preferred provider of loss control and security services in 31 outlets in Zambia. Services are rendered on a widespread geographical basis in places such as Lusaka, Kitwe, Ndola, Solwezi, Livingstone, Manza and many other places.

Builders Warehouse Zambia

Builders Warehouse Zambia is a popular home improvement and construction retailer that provides a vast range of high-quality products at competitive prices. Omega has secured its first contract with Builders Warehouse in Lusaka in 2015 and have since added two more outlets in Kitwe (2017) and Lusaka (2018).

Pick n Pay

Omega is the preferred supplier of security services for Pick n Pay in Lusaka (Foxdale), Mukuba Mall (Kitwe) and Twin Palms (Lusaka). Loss Control and guarding services are provided.