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residential estates

The Omega approach towards the Estate industry started very slowly and the first recognized “Estate” experience was with Renaissance in Pretoria East in 2007. Although it is a well-organized Retirement Estate the experience that we have gained laid the foundation for our unique Estate Security Solution and philosophy.

Our niche market focus facilitates the integration of Technology and Manpower elements into a dynamic solution which is both more effective and efficient in meeting the security challenges associated with Residential Estate Security.

The business philosophy of Omega is based on a thorough understanding of its client’s requirements to present them with innovative and cost-effective solutions. A new benchmark was set by moving away from a one-dimensional service approach towards security solutions that encompass a combination of well-diversified service offering.

Renaissance Retirement Village

As from 1 January 2007 Omega Risk Solutions has rendered services to this retirement village. We are very fortunate that in the past 16 years we have not encountered any major incidents and that we are able to support the elderly to live in a harmonious environment.

Lombardy Estate & Health Spa

Lombardy Estate is a country lifestyle within the city of Pretoria. This unique development in Pretoria consists of Lombardy Lakes boutique homes, Lombardy Fountains townhouses and large Lombardy stands reserved for freestanding houses.

Omega has been rendering services to Lombardy since 1 December 2016.

Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate

After a long tender process Omega received a letter dated 19 August 2014 that we were awarded a 5 year contract with effect 1 October 2014. Serengeti, which was still a developing Estate, was one of the flagship estates in the country with advanced technology and a unique design which included security features.

Situated midway between Tshwane and Johannesburg on the R21, Serengeti represents the epitome of a lifestyle estate that was envisioned as a safe and secure environment where residents really can live, work and play.

Given the exceptional scope of this development, the security system deployed had to offer complete peace-of-mind, while still providing the tranquility and sense of freedom that residents seek.


Experience gained from our flagship Estate i.e., Serengeti, widened our scope towards the estates surrounding the Hartbeespoort Dam area. Omega started at Xanadu on 1 December 2016. State-ofthe-art equipment and infrastructure are just the beginning of the total security solution for Xanadu.

The beautiful Xanadu Nature Estate has a natural wetland that runs through the estate, and it is home to over 280 different bird species. Wildlife including Impala, Waterbuck, Reedbuck, Kudu, Nyala, Springbuck and Black Wildebeest roam freely on the estate and with four bird-hides, residents are afforded a tranquil environment from where they can observe bird and game activity. These factors brought another dimension towards the new security approach with a focus on the protection of wildlife as well.

Omega was responsible for all elements of security at Xanadu. This included access/egress control, alarm monitoring, armed response, CCTV monitoring, pro-active patrols, disaster management as well as HOA law enforcement. As it is a nature estate there are however more facets to the security requirement having wildlife and their wellbeing in its area of operations.

Omega was also awarded a Preventative Maintenance Contract, which provided for preventative and remedial maintenance of the current Electronic Security Systems, including CCTV, Access Control, Electrified Fencing and Alarm Systems. A dedicated team of technicians as well as a fully equipped technical vehicle were allocated to the site, providing a fully integrated security solution.

The Omega Training Academy designed a residential estate specific training program which addresses the specific skills required by security officers within this challenging environment.

This is a first in the industry and no stone was left unturned to ensure that care is taken of the required detail to prepare the Omega officers for what is expected from them.

The program covers all the critical security elements and task to be performed but incorporates advanced resident interaction, conflict handling and residential estate law enforcement modules which actively prepares the security to deal with any possible situation that may arise in the day-today security management of an Estate. All officers undergo the intensive program before being deployed.

After a 3-year term the contract ended on 30 September 2019.


Omega Risk Solutions was awarded the Fleurenville Aged Care Centre contract on the 5th of May 2017 and we were enormously proud of the new partnership with Fleurenville Aged Care Centre.

Omega Risk Solutions involvement in the operation consists of managing the staff entrance, access control as well as patrolling the premises 24/7.

Innovative systems include Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the building, access control with geotracking, personal panic buttons, 24-hour monitored CCTV security as well as a state-of-the-art threat smoke detector system. Through different elements ranging from technological and landscaping features to operational flows, this facility is a market-leader.

On the 5th of May 2023 we celebrated a 6 year relationship with Fleurenville and it is our sincere wish that we will continue for a long time to be associated with them.


Building onto the successes of both Serengeti and Xanadu, Omega Risk Solutions was appointed as the preferred security services supplier to Pecanwood Estate. The contract started on 1 August 2017.

Pecanwood Estate is more than a residential estate, but a lifestyle of utmost luxury, and with high volumes of weekend rentals that enjoyed the tranquil water-based shoreline for a weekend away experience.

One of the challenges of the shoreline is illegal fisherman coming close to the Estate to catch fish with nets. Many successful operations were conducted which led to numerous arrests and destruction of illegal nets.

The contract come to an end after 5 years on 31 July 2022 ending a long relationship with Pecanwood’s HOA and residents.

The Hills Game Reserve and Lifestyle Estate

Omega Risk Solutions was appointed as the preferred security services supplier to The Hills Game Reserve Lifestyle Estate on 1 June 2018.

As with many estates in the country, security is paramount at The Hills Estate. With 24-hour access control, on-site alarm monitoring and armed response, foot, and vehicle patrols, it is hardly surprising that incidences of crime are virtually non-existent.

Omega has been selected as the security services provider for guarding, patrolling, access control and response services.

With Omega Risk Solutions proven quality assurance system, regular security audits and up-skilling of security officers, the company dovetails well with the Homeowners’ Association’s endeavour’s to constantly improve service delivery and client services.

The Omega residential estate offering is a unique multi-layered solution which is carefully designed to align and integrate all critical components (people, technology, processes, information, and services) into a proactive solution. This synergy enhances the quality of the individual components into a proactive and sustainable solution that supports the residential estate lifestyle.