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national key point operations

The first national key point (NKP) contract for Omega Risk Solutions was the CSIR in Pretoria in 2003. Thereafter, Omega provided services to various other NKP sites until recently. Herewith a brief overview of our services as NKP over the past 20 years :

Council for Science Industrial Research(CSIR)

The contract which started on 1st of August 2003, almost 20 years ago, was one of the first contracts of the newly founded Omega.

Omega provided security services to the following sites of the CSIR in South Africa – CSIR Main Campus, Pretoria; Satellite Application Centre Hartbeeshoek, Britz& Hartrao; Klopperbos Miningtech, Wahlmansdal; Paardefontein Defencetech, Wahlmansdal; M&M Tek, Port Elizabeth; Enviromentech, Stellenbosch; Enviromentech Rondebosch, Cape Town; Johannesburg, Auckland Park, Frost&Coller Streets facilities; SANSA (South African National Space Agency) (2010).

The Mint

The South African Mint Company (RF) (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) in accordance with the SARB Act 90 of 1989, as amended.

Omega provided security services to the SA Mint for 6 years. Access and egress control were our main functions, the protection of circulation coins, special coins made of gold, silver and platinum and controlling the movement of employees and visitors at the Mint.

All security personnel complied with the National Key Point Act special requirements for selection and training. Integrity testing using the IMI tool was a requirement for everyone to qualify for deployment at the South African Mint.

South African National Space Agency (SANSA)

On 1 August 2003 Omega started with security services at the CSIR Satellite Applications Centre (SAC) – one of South Africa’s National Key Points.

The SANSA Space Operations directorate (situated at Hartbeesthoek) provides tracking, telemetry and command services for geosynchronous and polar-orbiting spacecraft to the manufacturers, operators and users of satellites and launch vehicles, as well as for satellite data acquisition, thereby contributing significantly to the development and application of space science and technology, globally.

The contract came to an end in the late 2014 after 11 years of service to our client.


Omega secured a five-year contract with Sasol, starting on 1 July 2009, to provide advanced integrated security services to Sasol Synfuels and Sasol Coal Mining Operations in Secunda.

The contract made provision for the rendering of security services such as manned guarding, health, safety & environmental services as well as armed response. It was evident at the launch that not only did Omega demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of Sasol’s requirements, but its strong background in advance risk management was also identified as of great advantage and gain to Sasol Shared Services.

The contract ended in 2018 after a 7-year period.

Denel Dynamics

Omega started at Denel Dynamics in Irene on 1 October 2008 and ended its service in September 2021.

Denel Dynamics, a division of Denel SOC Ltd, an innovative leader in advanced systems technology. Their core business includes tactical missiles, precision guided weapons, unmanned aerial vehicle systems and space solutions. All their products are designed, developed, and manufactured in South Africa. Denel Dynamics is a strategic partner of the South African National Defence Force. The company also promotes collaboration and partnerships with other developing nations such as Brazil and the United Arab Emirates.