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motor manufacturing industry

Omega Risk Solutions (Pty) Ltd, (ORS) journey in the Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) industry started in early 2003 at Nissan South Africa at the manufacturing plant in Rosslyn.

Over the years this security solution has evolved into a total integrated solution, incorporating access and egress control, alarm monitoring, signal verification, armed response, CCTV cameras, fire management, as well as a loss control function through an intelligent integration platform.

This started in the Nissan SA’s off-site Integrated Surveillance Centre (ISC). All security elements were integrated into a sophisticated single interface, enabling effective security management. The system has proven its worth as a value-added tool that simplifies the risk management process through proactive monitoring and immediate reaction to threats or incidents.

The Nissan Off-site (ISC) began at the core of the operations and was manned by highly skilled ORS officers specializing in identifying and tracking suspicious human behaviour.

 Nissan South Africa (NSA)

ORS started its operation at Nissan in 2003 and continued to render the services for 19 uninterrupted years and ended 30 November 2021.

During this period as of 1 November 2013 ORS was given the opportunity to expand the contract manpower with a structured Fire team. The reason for this was simple. In the past all the machinery was “resting” at night and had time to cool off. That is not the same anymore, the machinery is running on a 24-hour basis which enlarges the risk of a fire at NSA and the way that they were operating were not safe.

A new fire structure was implemented. We had a team of 8 members led by Adriaan Marais (NSA Client) who is a professional fireman in his own right and currently a fire engineer at NSA.

Nissan SA’s manufacturing plant in Rosslyn is an enormous campus consisting of numerous buildings containing all the components required to manufacture vehicles. ORS was responsible for security at this campus and, to simplify the security operations, the Cengence Intelligent Integration Platform was implemented in 2012.

ROC Oil Company (Later PetroPlus)

This technology integrated all the technology-based security platforms such as CCTV (+/-120 cameras) and alarm signals (+/-60) at the Nissan campus into a single management dashboard. Accurate statistics are kept of every alarm, whether it is a security or a technical fault alert. Daily reports are sent to the relevant managers to keep them informed of any repair or update operations that are in progress.

The system has proven to be a value-adding tool that ORS can offer to customers. Not only does the system make the security management task easier and more precise, but also ensures that the customer has in-depth, accurate and precise information about everything that happens in his/her security environment.

We can therefore safely say that the experience we have gained at Nissan SA opened the doors to the other OEM’s in South Africa.

Mercedes SA

Mercedes SA, formerly known as Daimler Chrysler SA, commenced operations in December 2006 and six months later (July 2007) ORS was awarded the security contract.

ORS had a huge impact on crime prevention on the premises and in the first few days on site contributed to a syndicate being exposed and brought to justice. This resulted in multiple arrests and has saved Mercedes SA more than R100 000 in possible losses due to theft. The resounding successes were all accomplished through the professional services and quick reaction by the ORS team. The contract ended in 2015.

General Motors

In 2007 Omega Risk Solutions became the preferred security and fire services provider to General Motors South Africa (GMSA). Some of the members of Omega’s management team were amongst those initial employees who formed part of the GMSA outsourced security department, back in the early 1990s.

For a successful service to be delivered in respect of any security services provider it is essential that they are a true business partner to the organization that they service. It is only when they act proactively and in the interest of their client that the true value of their contribution is realized,” quoted from Luaneta Logie, Human Resources Manager for General Motors South Africa at the time. She furthermore said “In this regard, Omega Risk Solutions, are so much more than just another contractor. We have seen time and again how they commit and totally integrate themselves to form part of our in-house risk department.”

GM withdrew from South Africa on 18 May 2017, Omega serviced them for 10 years!


During November 2013 a Response Team was deployed at BMW (SA) in Rosslyn as part of Omega Risk Solutions approach to Service Excellence.

The primary function of this Response Team was to serve as a “force multiplier” with the Casual Guarding conducted by Omega Risk Solutions at the BMW temporary storage sites in Rosslyn.

In 2015, Omega Risk Solutions in line with its strategic vision to expand its market share within the vehicle manufacturing market, signed a new contract agreement with BMW South Africa.

Omega’s contract included two BMW South Africa sites in Midrand, as well as the BMW plant in Rosslyn, which is responsible for manufacturing the luxurious BMW 3-Series sedans for the local and international markets.

When it came to security and risk management, BMW South Africa has gained a reputation for its non-negotiable approach to safety and security. BMW evaluated various vendors and suppliers at that time to find the best partners in providing an integrated security solution and were proud of the partnership that has been established with Omega Risk Solutions until the contract ended in 2020.

ROC Oil Company (Later PetroPlus)


Omega Risk Solutions was ecstatic to welcome back our old client Isuzu Motors South Africa (Pty) Ltd to our client base from 01 May 2022. Our relationship with Isuzu dates back to 2012 when Isuzu was locally known as General Motors.

Ford Motor Manufacturing South Africa (FMCSA)

Omega Risk Solutions expanded its market share within the vehicle manufacturing industry by being awarded the contract for Ford SA. The contract commenced in August 2017.

The contract includes two different Ford premises, one located at Silverton in Pretoria and the other at Struandale in Port Elizabeth. The Omega Security team dedicated to Ford consists of nearly 200 officers, including management.


Omega Risk Solutions were awarded the Security Contract tender for BAIC SA. Even at short notice, the security team was carefully selected. The site was officially handed over to Omega Risk Solutions on the 1st of December 2019. The contract is ongoing.

Bader SA (Pty) Ltd

ORS first contract with Bader SA in middle 2004. The site was situated in Ga Rankuwa North of Pretoria.

On 01 October 2013 Omega Risk Solutions (Inland Division) welcomed back an old client into the “Northwest Stable” by starting the Security contract at Bader (SA) (Pty) Ltd.

Shatterprufe South Africa

Omega Risk Solutions has a long history and association with Shatterprufe. This relationship started on 1 April 2005. This 18-year relationship is an outstanding achievement and one of the longest contracts running unbroken in Omega.

Situated in GA-Rankuwa Industrial area, Shutterprufe continues to be the main supplier of windscreens to the OEM Industry.

Vehicle Storage Yards

Due to our successes in the motor manufacturing arena especially at Nissan and BMW, ORS also focussed their efforts on the Motor Manufacturing supply chain and storage facilities. This ensured a long-standing contract with Vehicle Delivery Services (VDS) since September 2008, and it is still going on as to date!