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Omega rendered a security service in Iraq in 2004 to 2005. Some management elements remained till 2006. Omega have a proven record of offering a successful service to a multinational client, Kellogg Brown & Root Services Inc. Some of the rebuilding projects were subcontracted to Laguna; Omega also offered a security service to the subcontractor.

Omega commenced the contract at Al Rustamiyah on 1 June 2004 with a total of 108 Security Officers. After a short period the contract was increased to a total of 150 Security Officers.

The contract consisted of the following:

• Control Centre.
• Static Security Officers for the outer perimeter.
• PSD team.
• QRF for the base.
• Mobile and foot patrols.
• Access and egress control with an Explosive Detection (EDD) capability in support. (Dog Handlers and teams)
• Administrative support in the form of security statistics, reports and feedback on a daily weekly and monthly basis.
• Training and retraining on an ongoing base.

Due to services well rendered this specific contract was extended to 30 September 2005. During this period of service, the following was achieved:

• Due to effective systems and procedures, no serious incidents occurred.
• No explosives or any devices passed the control point undetected.
• No physical attacks occurred on the base.
• More than 380,000 individuals (construction workers and military personnel) entered the base through controlled access.
• More than 40,000 vehicles were searched through controlled access. In excess of 50 + PSD missions were executed per month.

Additional information:

• Security advice was provided to IMAR, NATO, KBR and Laguna on a consistent basis to support their management capabilities.
• Intelligence reports were provided daily.
• Advice and assistance was provided during the planning and execution of high level visits by various Generals of the Coalition Forces and NATO.
• No clients were ever lost, killed or injured during any of our PSD missions.
• Good communications and coordination was maintained with our various clients and the occupants of the Academy, throughout our deployment.
• Omega received commendations from the Iraqi High Command at Al Rustamiyah for the professional approach and mutual respect, demonstrated during consistent security operations.
• Omega received feedback that our security operation at the Academy was of the highest standards maintained in Iraq, after being evaluated by Coalition Forces and NATO representatives at various occasions.
• During a visit by Major General Pier Giorgio Segala to Al Rustamiyah Military Academy, Omega was presented with a commendation certificate for professional standards and commitment demonstrated on a continuous basis, creating a safe and secure environment.
• All Omega Security Personnel recruited for Iraq, underwent stringent psychological, background and medical evaluations.