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Inner City Surveillance; Gabon and South Africa

Omega specialises in macro city centre surveillance systems and procedures. Our engineers were involved in the design and implementation of the macro city cente surveillance systems for the cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria (South Africa) as well as Libreville, Franceville and Port Gentil (Gabon).

Omega has the necessary experience and know-how with regard to the design and implementation of such a system, and has implemented and operated the macro surveillance system in Johannesburg City Centre.

Omega operated and maintained four macro surveillance systems on the African continent and urban environments namely:

• Johannesburg (RSA) 231 cameras
• Libreville (Gabon) 116 cameras
• Port Gentile (Gabon) 32 cameras
• Franceville (Gabon) 32 cameras


Collectively Omega employed 173 individuals on macro surveillance projects in urban environments, however cognisance should be taken that Omega employ in excess of 11 000 people. This enables us to utilise and transfer staff on short notice if and when needed for current or new contracts.