Integrity Assessment Services

Integrity Assessment and Profiling

OMEGA Integrity Assessment and Profiling is a dedicated specialized service for customers who want to optimize their investment in human resources.

Incompetency creates a platform for dishonest personnel. Annually global enterprises suffer the loss of billions due to white-collar crimes such as theft and fraud, substance abuse, truancy and consequential disciplinary investigations.

Omega’s Integrity Assessment and Profiling Services assists the client in its selecting process to pro-actively qualify personnel with levels of competency, effectiveness, integrity and dedication.

OMEGA Integrity Assessment and Profiling Services may include any or more of the following actions:

  • Lifestyle Assessments.
  • Criminal Record Enquiries.
  • Psychometric Evaluations.
  • Verification of ID numbers.
  • Credit record enquiries.
  • Verification of drivers’ licenses.
  • Employment history and performance verification by means of interviews with the candidate, previous superiors, colleagues or subordinates.
  • Verification of qualifications – national and international.

Potential Assessment

Potential Risk Assessment Services is invaluable to both the employers and personnel. Information obtained from the evaluation process provides insight to areas requiring remedial action and those that may be developed to achieve optimum growth. Potential Assessments provides employers and supervisors with essential management information on the employees’ suitability for a position and their influence on the corporate culture.

Polygraph Testing

We work in association with a reputable group of polygraph examiners who practice the highest ethical standards in conducting polygraph examinations.

Job profiling

Job profiling services are particularly useful to customers in identifying key performance areas and competencies required for a specific position .