OMEGA is committed to help solve the global landmine and unexploded ordnance contamination problem. Our excellent results and safety record ensure that our customers may operate safely in difficult, remote and high-risk areas throughout the world. Service levels meet and exceed the International Mine Action Standards, as verified by prestigious awards, such as ISO 9001. A well-developed infrastructure enables us to participate in multitask, multi-location projects, providing the following services:

  • Education and Training
  • Landmine Clearance
  • Landmine Impact and Technical Surveys
  • Quality Assurance
  • Unexploded Ordnance Disposal Services
  • Battle Area, Range and Underwater Clearance
  • Mine Risk Education

Education and Training
OMEGA educates communities in affected areas to recognise the signs of mines and unexploded ordnance contamination. We instil awareness within in the community that they have a responsibility to mark and report findings. We appoint, train and supervise staff in the education stage of the demining project. Members of local communities receive technical training in modern demining techniques that takes place under strict supervision and management as an ’in theatre’ demining and explosive ordnance disposal operation.

Landmine Impact and Technical Surveys
OMEGA gathers, evaluates and analyzes information on known or suspected risks for national mine action authorities. Technical surveys include detailed topographical investigations of known or suspected risk areas to determine the perimeters of locations identified by impact surveys.

Landmine and Unexploded Ordnance Clearance
OMEGA understands a customers need for cost-effective solutions. Our demining services include:

  • Manual Demining: This is the most practical, yet the most time-consuming and expensive method. Deminers are trained to be highly versatile in order to meet with guaranteed clearance standards. We will also provide contract management and supervision.
  • Mine Detection Dogs (MDDs): MDDs are used in conjunction with other methods. It is safe and cost-effective as they can indicate actual contamination areas for manual clearance. These dogs affirm and provide a quality assurance service after mine clearance.
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal: EOD specialists dispose of mines and unexploded ordnance during demining, battle area, range and underwater clearance. This service includes the provision of safe explosive devises and detection systems.
  • Mechanical Assisted Mine Clearance:  We use various flail systems, which allow for mechanical detonation of landmines in situ, reduction of vast areas, as well as for ground preparation. This method is always supported by one or more of the techniques mentioned above.