Cash Management

Omega Cash Management Services provides the solution to minimize the risk that is attached to the holding of large amounts of cash on the premises of the client, transporting money to and from banks, as well as to points of delivery and collection.

Structured Cash Management minimizes customers’ exposure to criminal elements, and is a sensible investment towards reducing operational costs and improving cash flow. It sends a clear message that the company is serious about security risk management.

Cash in transit
Proficiently trained and equipped personnel collect cash and other valuables for transportation. Vehicles are fitted with state-of-the art equipment, and are constantly monitored from our control centres.

Cash processing
Cash Processing Services reduce the load on company personnel with regards to the processing and banking of money. This is done at custom-built cash centres, and managed according to customers’ requirements, e.g. money can be collected from various centres and be consolidated and processed for banking the next day.

Wage Packaging
OMEGA provides a complete employee payroll service.

Overnight Storage
OMEGA offers secure vault storage facilities where customers may store cash containers and valuables overnight for due transportation.