Off-site CCTV Monitoring

Omega provides monitoring services to clients through remote control centre’s that are staffed by highly trained, vigilant operators, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

We field test your existing CCTV camera installation by connecting it to our in-house Intelligent Video Transmission ‘Veritas Box’*, designed and developed in conjunction with top engineers from Israel.  This system is unique to Omega.  Visual and alarm signals are then relayed to our Remote Off-site Monitoring Control Centre from where your premises are remotely monitored.


  • Remote monitoring of site alarms.
  • Fight-Back Management ®™ i.e. remote triggering of deterrents.
  • Audio challenge through a bi–directional audio link.
  • On-site video recording of all movement.
  • Off-site logging and recording of incidents.
  • Incident tracking and tracing.
  • Disaster management assistance.
  • Contacting the relevant emergency services.
  • Emergency response co-ordination.
  • Co-ordination of on-site security services.
  • Evidence back-up onto CD/USB available.

Direct Benefits:

Ω      Coordinate with manned guarding services.

Ω      Relieves cost burden of excess staffing and in-house monitoring facilities.

Ω      A guard patrols one area at a time, with interactive monitoring, every camera is a security guard.

Ω      System can be armed & disarmed remotely.

Ω      After-hours access controlled remotely.

Ω      Alarm verification minimises response to false alarms.

Ω      Incident data logged & stored at the control centre.

Ω      No risk of evidence being ‘lost’ or tampered with.

Ω      Collusion factor removed.

Ω      Access own site via network connectivity.

Ω      Protection/monitoring of open spaces outside your fences.

Ω      Detection of intruders before they enter the premises.

Ω      Protection of highly sensitive areas, day and night, without physically entering these areas.

Ω      Multiple “eyes and ears” to protect your assets.

Ω      Detection and intervention before the crime is committed – a truly proactive solution.

Offers guidance and protection to whoever responds to alarms. The system will also ensure safe entry and exit of employees after hours.