Health and Safety


Occupational Health and Safety

Ω Omega Risk Solutions fully complies with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act No. 85 of 1983 (OHSAct).
Ω Omega Risk Solutions applies the OSHAS 180001 safety management system as a basic standard of application.
Ω Omega can support clients to obtain full compliance with the OHSAct and maintain the compliance through:

• OHSAct compliance audits
• Providing all the required documents, systems and procedures
• Providing accredited training as required by the OHSAct
• Providing trained and experienced Health and Safety Officers to manage health and safety on behalf of the client.

Ω Security personnel receive Health and Safety orientation training.
Ω Managers and supervisors receive relevant Health and Safety training to equip them with the necessary skills to manage the Health & Safety program on sites.
Ω Incidents and Injuries are investigated by trained incident investigators and the appropriate steps are taken to remove the risks and prevent a recurrence.
Ω Safety statistics are maintained, reflecting details of safety compliance, on a continuous 12-month rolling average-basis.

Health and Safety Training:

Omega presents SAQA certified Health and Safety courses to its employees.


Ω Safety Awareness and Legal Compliance
Ω SHE Representatives
Ω First Aid Level 1
Ω Fire Fighting Level 1
Ω Advanced Fire Fighting and Risk Assessment
Ω Evacuation and Emergency Procedure Training
Ω Incident Investigators Training
Ω Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments (HIRA) Training

Fire Risk Management

Ω Omega Risk Solutions can perform fire risk assessments and prevention surveys of client sites.
Ω Recommend applicable measures to remove, improve and provide protection of identified fire risks.
Ω Assist with the system design of fire protection systems.
Ω Manage fire prevention improvements projects.
Ω Design emergency and disaster management plans and assist with the implementation.
Ω Provide fire team training.
Ω Provide employee fire training.
Ω All security personnel on our various sites are trained in basic fire fighting and are instructed in the use of the specific fire fighting equipment used on a client’s site.

Environmental Protection Management

Although Omega’s environmental footprint is deemed low, as we do not manufacture and/or use any substances or are involved in processes that can harm the environment, Omega’s employees are sensitized in the protection of the environment.
A paper waste recycling initiative has been implemented and will be gradually expanded to all our operations.